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Chek is the trusted platform for your organization to securely modernize the way funds are distributed and spent, and provides real-time data and insights to help your organization grow, scale, and impact.

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With Chek, nonprofits, universities, sports, and philanthropic organizations can now securely streamline the distribution of funds, so resources are maximized to achieve greater goals.

Take advantage of technology that provides secure integrations, and solutions tailored to your type of organization.

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A ‘One-to-many’ Fund Disbursement Solution

Disburse funds to any number of recipients or stakeholders efficiently & securely.
“We’re super excited to be working with Chek and be able to issue cards to our families when they come on for financial support.”
Natalie Hummel
Executive Director, Every Kid Sports

Maintain Focus on Your Mission

Solutions that empower you to efficiently manage resources to grow, scale, and impact your community and accomplish your goals.
Maximize Resources
Improve your processes and maximize resources by efficiently distributing and managing funds.
Provide Transparency
Measure the impact with real-time data & insights that help you make informed decisions, while cultivating transparency.
Streamline Operations
Modernize the management of funds with innovative technology and integrated solutions tailored to your organization.

Simplify & Impact More with Chek.

Issuing your cards is easy! Add cardholders, create a card, and instantly allocate funds.
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